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Gateway Disc Sports

Gateway Realm - Diamond

Gateway Realm - Diamond

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About the disc:

The Gateway Disc Sports Realm stands as a premier maximum distance driver. Sharing characteristics with renowned discs such as the Destroyer, Cloudbreaker, Force, and Emperor, the Realm distinguishes itself with unparalleled glide and remarkable resistance to turn. This disc reigns supreme as the ultimate choice for max distance drives, catering to the needs of even the most powerful arms worldwide. For power throwers adept in both forehand and backhand throws, the Realm is an essential addition to your disc golf arsenal.

Speed: 12
Glide: 5
Turn: -1
Fade: 3

PDGA approved.

About the plastic:

Diamond is a high-grade material providing the best durability and grip of any discs on the market. These discs are typically more stable than Platinum but less stable than Hyper DIAMOND and Nylon.

About Gateway Disc Sports:

Gateway Disc Sports was founded in 1994 by David McCormack and built on a passion for growing the sport. At Gateway, they are always looking for innovative ways to push the envelope - and will continue to do so for years to come. They offer a full line of golf discs and offer several of the top-rated putters including the popular Wizard. Gateway also has a special line of lightweight golf discs that are perfect for children and beginners. 

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