Dachshund Discs Ambassador Team!

Check out the 2024 team and learn all about them. If you'd like to shop their favorite discs, click here.

  • Michael Haines

    Meet Michael, for him, disc golf is more than a game – it's a lifestyle that combines his love for the outdoors, competition, and family bonding. Michael's dedication extends to teaching others about disc golf, including those with disabilities through his initiative, Alliance Disc Golf.

  • Sam Malone

    Meet Sam, a passionate disc golfer with a knack for finding and throwing the best discs around! Sam's journey into disc golf is a tale as old as time, and his love for the game knows no bounds.

  • Alex Byrd

    Introducing Alex, a passionate disc golfer from Sims, Alabama, who's been immersed in the sport for years. He's recently reignited his love for disc golf and is excited to join forces with Dachshund Discs.

  • Joshua Reutzel

    Meet Joshua, a disc golfer whose journey began in college. Introduced to the sport by his best friend, Joshua quickly found solace and joy on the disc golf course. With his faithful companion, Tegan, by his side, he rediscovered his love for the game.

    As a graduate of Unity College with a degree in Adventure Therapy, Joshua is passionate about mental health and environmental sustainability. He believes disc golf fosters community and environmental stewardship, providing both recreation and connection.

  • Peter Huggard

    Peter, a former D2 basketball player, discovered disc golf two years ago through a friend, instantly falling in love with the sport. Despite knee issues, he plays almost daily, finding solace on the course after his 9-5 job.

    As a casual player, he focuses on supporting his girlfriend's women's disc golf league and maintaining local courses.

  • Cody McAllister

    Introducing Cody, a disc golf enthusiast whose journey began in the early 2000s. What started as a casual pastime evolved into a regular escape during his bachelor's degree years, providing solace and outdoor therapy. After a hiatus, Cody rediscovered his love for the sport in 2020, using it to manage stress and foster new connections.

  • J.D. Peery

    Meet J.D., a Nashville native who fell in love with disc golf in late 2022 thanks to his best friend. For J.D., disc golf is the perfect blend of competition, outdoor fun, and artistic expression, with each disc serving as a unique piece of art.

  • Robert Somers

    Meet Robert, known as Bobert, a dedicated disc golfer and stay-at-home dad. Introduced to the sport by his father, Bobert's serious commitment to disc golf began two years ago as a means to stay active after knee surgery. Despite his competitive nature, he prioritizes spreading positivity on the course, aiming to uplift his fellow players with a smile and encouraging words.

  • Zander Goff

    Introducing Zander, a passionate disc golfer from Hudsonville, Michigan. Two years ago, he discovered his love for disc golf and hasn't looked back since. Zander values the sport's community and camaraderie, finding solace and joy in its simplicity.

  • Kevin Desrosiers

    Meet Kevin, a disc golfer from Manitoba, Canada, whose journey began in 2016 after some gentle nudging from family members. Despite initial skepticism, Kevin quickly fell in love with the game. Since then, disc golf has become his passion, from solo rounds for relaxation to competing in tournaments for the thrill of competition.

  • Ethan Newsome

    Introducing Ethan, a disc golf enthusiast who discovered the sport in 2020 during a beach trip. Ever since, he's been captivated by the game, especially the opportunity it provides to get outdoors and connect with fellow players. He has even started documenting his disc golf journey on YouTube!