Dogs with Discs

Welcome to our gallery of pictures featuring dogs in disc golf! We have compiled a collection of photos that showcase the joy and enthusiasm these furry friends bring to the sport of disc golf. Whether they're helping find a lost disc or cheering on their owners, these dogs are an integral part of the disc golf community. So sit back, relax, and enjoy browsing our collection of adorable pups in disc golf!

A big thank you to everyone who sent in a picture of their dog for the gallery! If you'd like to have your dog featured in our gallery, send us a picture on our Facebook or Instagram page!

  • Wyoming

  • Bandit - Arkansas

  • Hippo - Santa Barbara, CA

  • Diva - Cincinnati, OH

  • Jerny - Bloomfield, MO

  • Simone - Bakersville, NC

  • Paris - Nashville, TN

  • Pongo - Saint Paul, MN

  • Milton - Plainfield CT

  • Higgins & Ryan - Nashville, TN

  • Oso - Midland, MI

  • Puck - Germantown, MD

  • Prancer - Peoria, IL

  • Oscar - Dothan, AL

  • Prancer - Peoria, IL

  • Wyoming

  • Berrin - Sonoma County, CA

  • George - Oklahoma City, OK