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Trash Panda Disc Golf

Trash Panda Ozone (Premium)

Trash Panda Ozone (Premium)

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About the disc:

An understandable, smile-inducing fairway driver designed for effortless distance. 🚀The Ozone is a flippy fairway designed to throw the fun line. Whether it's the satisfyingly straight shot or the all-too-ridiculous-sky-anny, remember simply to enjoy it. 

Speed: 8
Glide: 6
Turn: -3
Fade: 1

PDGA approved.

About the plastic:

Premium plastic made from 100% recycled plastic in Denver, Colorado.

About Trash Panda Discs:
With an eye for preservation of Earth’s oceans and forests, Trash Panda set out to grow disc golf sustainably. Their team is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded brands and players to pave disc golf into an eco-friendly future. Their products are 100% recycled, 100% polypropylene, and 100% recyclable.

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