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Gateway Disc Sports

Gateway Journey - Hyper Diamond Hemp

Gateway Journey - Hyper Diamond Hemp

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About the disc:

The Journey is a controllable long-range distance driver great for throws from 300’ to 450’. The low profile and long wing produce speed in a long, straight controllable flight with just the right amount of overstability. It has enough resistance to turn for the big arms, but it’s not too overstable for the smaller arms and newer throwers. Players of all skill level should be able to make the Journey one of the longest throwing discs in their bag.

Speed: 11.5
Glide: 6
Turn: -2
Fade: 1

PDGA approved.

About the plastic:

Their Hyper Diamond blend creates a slimmer profile offering a more overstable flight path. Additionally, the Hemp additive, unique to Gateway, is their attempt at fostering a culture of sustainability in the sport while increasing the disc’s overall durability and flexibility.

About Gateway Disc Sports:

Gateway Disc Sports was founded in 1994 by David McCormack and built on a passion for growing the sport. At Gateway, they are always looking for innovative ways to push the envelope - and will continue to do so for years to come. They offer a full line of golf discs and offer several of the top-rated putters including the popular Wizard. Gateway also has a special line of lightweight golf discs that are perfect for children and beginners. 

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