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Clash Discs

Clash Discs Softy Candy

Clash Discs Softy Candy

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About the disc:

The story behind Candy involves Arttu and Rauli, known as ”the Finnish Jomez”, commentators working for the post-production company Disc Golf finland. They were tasked with designing the world's best putting putter. While we already had the best plastic available, we needed a mold specifically designed for putting. This is how Candy was born, and over at Clash, they're not alone in their belief that it's the best putter for putting in the world.

Speed: 3
Glide: 3
Turn: -1
Fade: 1

PDGA approved.

About the plastic:
Softy plastic is Clash Discs' midgrade putter plastic but in a soft blend. It has more flexibility than Hardy plastic and superb grip. It feels very comfortable in the hand and provides excellent grip in all putting conditions!

About Clash Discs:
From the land of Eveliina, Henna, and Seppo comes a new disc manufacturer, Clash Discs. Starting in 2021 out of Helsinki, Finland, Clash Discs was built on a simple strategy: make discs that are easy to learn, easy to understand, fit well in the hand and have a good feel. And since they believe that each disc has its own "flavor" their naming convention is very flavor-related. All we're saying is "Pass the Butter!"


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